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Feds Feed Families 2013

Feds Feed Families 2013

U.S. Border Patrol




The Food Bank RGV is proud to be working closely with the U.S. Border Patrol and other federal programs to help feed hungry families in South Texas.

Agents will be collecting food to give to the Food Bank RGV for distribution to over 200 local agencies.

Below is a table of the current locations and the most up to date total pounds collected.

Thank you!


RGV Sector HQ & BP Annex       1,159 lbs
 McAllen Station  19,724 lbs
 Weslaco Station  5,020 lbs
 Harlingen Station  1,023 lbs 
 Brownsville Station  3,559 lbs

 Rio Grande City                         9,570 lbs 

Total: 40,055 lbs

as of Sept. 6, 2013 - 1:52 pm 

H.I.R.E. Hispanic Internal Revenue Employees

McAllen Office   
 Harlingen Office  

U.S. Attorney's Office, McAllen

228 lbs

U.S. Attorney's Office, Brownsville 

90 lbs

Social Security Administration

38 lbs

Veterans Administration, McAllen

62 lbs


Food Drive Drop-off!

The Food Bank needs your food donations. Enter your zip code and find a local Food Drive.