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Valley Garden Project

Valley Garden Project


Valley Garden Project

The Valley Garden Project started in early 2014, and consists of a naturally grown produce garden that educates those with food insecurity in our community.
The Valley Garden Project is comprised of several parts:

Cooking Demos

One of the more tantalizing features to be added to the Valley Garden Project is the addition of cooking demos that will take place out at the Community Garden.  The Healthy Living Department will incorporate the vegetables being harvested into their delicious recipes for all individuals to try.

Production Garden

The production garden houses produce that is cared for by community members who are watching over their own raised beds, while learning the entire gardening process from scratch. The general purpose of the Production Garden is for individuals to sell some of their produce at the Pharrmers Market, which will also teach them entrepreneurial skills as well.

Native Habitat Garden

Eventually, a Butterfly Garden will be added to the scenery of the Community Garden.  Not only is a butterfly garden aesthetically pleasing, but it will also teach children and adults the importance of different ecosystems.

Farmers Market

The Pharrmers Market is held every Thursday (October to June), and consists of several vendors who come and sell their handmade items and homemade goods. The market promotes healthy eating, and supports the community by giving local vendors the opportunity to sell their products.

Backyard Garden

The Backyard Garden will serve as the educational outlet of the Community Garden. Eventually, gardening classes will be held on a regular basis, completely free of charge. The knowledge that families take from these classes will serve as a great foundation for the gardens they grow in their own backyard.

Phase Two

A new garden was built right beside the current Community Garden, and its crops are beginning to sprout. Eventually, the new garden will be fenced in and feature all the produce and raised-beds that are included in the original. This process if called Phase Two.


The Community Garden will house several pathways through the area that will allow staff, families and other visitors to take in the scenery of their surroundings comfortably without stepping on dirt, mud, or other insects that may be present.
The Community Garden at the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley will serve as a mecca for healthy living. Aesthetically, it will become an oasis of relaxation for all participants involved.

Through the Valley Garden Project we strive to:

1. Produce naturally grown fruits and vegetables
2. Use organic principles to advocate why naturally grown produce is so important.
3. Provide nutrition education to provide increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.
4. Increase self-sufficiency through instruction of basic gardening techniques.
5. Educate children and adults on ways to improve and care for the environment.
6. Increase physical activity to further promote healthy living.

How Can I Help?

The Valley Garden Project is still a work in progress and needs a lot of support in order to see its full potential. You can help by doing one of the following:
• Volunteering
• Providing financial donations
• Tool Drives (wheel barrel, rakes, other garden essentials)
• Donating mango or avocado trees
• Supporting the Pharrmers Market on Thursdays from 4:00PM-7:00PM
• Donating non-GMO seeds

For more information, Contact: Chris Bueno, Community Garden Manager

(956) 904-4525



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