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Here to Help!

A client in Brownsville receives Food assistance from one of the Food Bank’s partner agencies.

The Food Bank RGV is here to help everyone who needs Food Assistance. We are proud to partner with over 275 agencies across the RGV. Our Partner Agencies help us reach an estimated 64,000 clients a week and although that seems like a large number, there are still many in our community who go to bed hungry.

The Food Bank RGV is working hard to make a difference that will leave a lasting mark on the community and the only way to do that is to keep reaching out. We are not here to judge anyone’s situation– our mission is just to help. So please, if you need a little help– come visit us at 724 N. Cage Blvd. in Pharr, Texas. We’re here and happy to help.

9 thoughts on “Here to Help!

  1. Manuel Rodriguez says:

    Hello I am in need of help. This would be the first time asking for this kinda help and with that in hand. I had the question of how I am able to get help from the foodbank. What would i need to bring or what information is needed.

    1. Rose Martinez says:

      Hello. If you are in need of assistance please visit us at 724 N. Cage Blvd. in Pharr. Bring a picture I.D. and proof of address like a utility bill. If you have any questions, please call us at 956-682-8101.

    2. Please give us a call at 956-682-8101.

  2. Karen says:

    Do you have special hours for seniors?

    1. Rose Martinez says:

      Yes. For Seniors 60 years and older it is on Thursdays from 9am – 11am or until capacity is reached. ID and proof of address are required.

  3. ruben hermosillo says:

    Hello I would like to know if you will be open today

    1. Rose Martinez says:

      Good Afternoon,
      Our Food Bank will be closed at 3pm today. Our food distribution will be this Wednesday from 1pm – 4pm due to the expected icy and cold conditions.
      You can also call us at 956-682-8101 and select option for a referral to a pantry close to you.

  4. Clarissa M Cazarez says:

    For the food box for registered seniors for Thursday March 11 will there be another pick-up day i have no transportation and the neighbors i gave permission to pickup has to work that day

    1. Rose Martinez says:

      Is this for the CSFP program? If so please call 956-904-4520 to speak to staff.

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